Our People

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Ryder Richards

Creative Director

Ryder specializes in design, web development, product development and innovative problem solving. Developing marketing materials and all forms of digital or new media his role allows for a unique combination of a creativity and technical wizardry. Yes, that’s right, Ryder is a wizard.

On a Personal Level

Ryder received his Masters in Fine Art from Texas Christian University and Bachelor’s from Texas Tech University with a minor in Architecture. He is an internationally exhibiting artist who has taught at the collegiate level for ten years. He has been the director of three art galleries, curated numerous exhibitions, and lectured about his art throughout the nation while maintaining a highly active exhibition record. He has written art reviews for several publications and founded and ran “Eutopia: Contemporary Art Review” site from 2014-2021. Starting the podcast “Let Us THiNK About It” in 2021, he covers philosophical and sociological topics.

In his free time, roughly between midnight and 2 AM, he is an avid woodworker. His neighbors are not happy.