If it is not a “win-win”, no one wins.

We understand what it means to own property.

We also know what it’s like to be on the other side—to be the tenant—where a complete, positive consumer experience is the very lifeblood of your business. It’s no surprise that Retail Specialists is positioned as a premier property management firm specializing in comprehensive retail property management services.

OUR Property management SERVICES

A few of our properties...

Retail Specialists is considered a trusted advisor by property owners and retailers throughout the South because we know what successful relationships look like. Property owners deserve a management partner that will go to bat for them—that means going the extra mile to ensure that tenants are in the best position to thrive. Our complete retail property management services reduce costs and improve services in the short term and add lasting value to assets.

Treating every asset as our own

Our dedicated property management team treats every real estate asset as if it’s our own, working to reduce costs and improve services in the short-term to add lasting value to assets.

Our Project Leasing Team

Through a wide range of real estate backgrounds including corporate real estate, economic development, real estate law and retail recruitment, our team has the knowledge and network to drive growth.