For Fifteen Years

Our mission has been achieved through the shared belief that healthy, long-term relationships lead to shared success, and must be nurtured and cultivated.

Our experiences have taught us that you become what you allow, you get what you work for, and you adopt the qualities of your team.

That is Why Retail Specialists is the Retail Company You Keep
Our Company Beliefs

Core Values

If I say I will, I will.

Success depends on all of us.

Industry leaders because we do the right thing.

Relentless pursuit of unique solutions.

Our Company History

We’ve thrived in tough times.

Founded in 2005, Retail Specialists strategically grew during a period that saw real estate service firms shutter across the nation. The same strong leadership remains today, and actively perpetuates the knowledge, processes, and ethical practices that will allow Retail Specialists to thrive in any market conditions for generations.

Our Services

Why We Are Different

We do what it takes to build relationships.

Our reputation is our most valuable asset, and our people are empowered to protect it by doing what they know is right.

Our collaboration makes us more creative.

The ability for our teams members to contribute individual, specialized expertise on any given project any given day leads to bigger opportunities for clients and avoids prescriptive solutions.

Our experience and networks are the difference.

Our relationship-building approach attracts talent that recognizes long-term rewards, and with them comes the deepest nationwide network of any real estate service providers in the south.

Just ask around.

For fifteen years, our philosophy of “treat every asset as if it’s your own” has proven successful. We would be proud to connect you with clients who feel the same way.

The Deepest Experience in the South

Just like the retail world has evolved, so have we. From Sears to Walmart to Amazon, we have seen the retail landscape change and we have evolved to succeed in it. Our unique culture of accountability and focus on building relationships have attracted some of the nation’s most talented real estate experts, and our team continues to grow and invest in the next generation of talent.

Robert Jolly

President & CEO

Mead Silsbee


Emil Gullia


Courtney Hall


Rodney Barstein


Beau Young


Bill Read


David Plummer


Lyndsy Yim

Associate Broker

Steve Leara

General Counsel

Matt Murrell

Associate Broker

Joe Strauss

Associate Broker

Alex McCauley

Associate Broker

Scott Plummer

Associate Broker

Caleb Davis

Development Manager

Haden Smith

Associate Broker

Jordan Williams

Associate Broker

Jeff Rouzie

Business Development

Clay Craft

Associate Broker

Scott vonCannon

Associate Broker

Brooklyn Bell

Junior Associate Broker

Amanda Chamblee

Director of Marketing

Michelle Moultrie

Marketing Coordinator

Walter Monroe

Director of Finance

Kayla Crittenden

Staff Accountant

Harris McCullough

Assistant Property Manager

Michelle Goodwin

Senior Property Manager

Jamie Moran

Property Controller

Jason Clark

Property Manager

Robert Evans

Property Maintenance

Ryder Richards

Creative Director

Christy Harris

Property Management Coordinator

Caroline Hannum

Marketing Assistant

Just Ask Around.

For fifteen years, our philosophy of “treat every asset as if it’s your own” has proven successful.


We would be proud to connect you with clients who feel the same way.