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Dicks Sporting Goods: 2020 Store Opening Review

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By Bill Read
October 12, 2020

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Dicks Sporting Goods: 2020 Store Opening Review

Industry Takeaways

  • Good news for malls and former department store vacant boxes
  • Relocations appear to be primary source of new store openings
  • Former Sears stores were particularly attractive

In 2020, Dicks Sporting Goods and Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy combo stores opened 19 new stores, 15 Dick’s Sporting Goods, and 4 combo stores of Dicks Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.

Surprisingly, 14 of the 19 new stores or 7 4% of stores went into former department store boxes, all located at Malls. Sears led the group with 12 former Sears locations being backfilled and one backfill of a former Dillard’s and one in a former Macy’s. Dicks generally did not backfill the entire space left over from Sears but took a portion of either the former store or part of a redevelopment of the former Sears area.

In total, 15 of the 19 new stores are located in Malls. The other four locations were not located near a mall. In 63% of the new stores (a total of 12) they merely  located an existing store around the mall and relocated into the former department store at the mall. Considering that Dicks had an existing store in the market and chose to relocate to the mall is a good indication of their desire for
mall locations.

# Stores% StoresComments
19 New Dicks and Dicks and Golf Galaxy Combo Stores
1474%Former Department Stores (Sears -12 , Macys-1 ,Dillards-1)
1263%Former Sears
1263%Relo with in same trade area
737%New Markets (not a relo)
1 Toys R Us
1 Academy Sports
1 Burlington

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