How will this affect the Atlanta supermarket landscape?

Powder Springs – 1/16
Snellville – 1/30
Mableton – 2/13

Lidl’s has three store-openings set for Atlanta this month.

The first is Powder Springs on 1/16/19, followed by Snellville on 1/30/19 and Mableton on 2/13/19.

If you haven’t been to a Lidl before, it’s a good-looking store and simple to shop. Very similar to an ALDI, but larger and with the same emphasis on house brands at an extreme discount to name brand products.

Lidl ( 36,000 sf) has created an interesting store model for the US. Its stores are significantly larger than ALDI’s (12,000 -15,000 sf) and smaller than the traditional Kroger (45,000-80,000) or Publix store models (42,000- 48,000 sf). As heavily reported, LIDLs initial store openings in the US did not bring the traffic or volumes they hoped for. By opening three stores in the same size format, LIDL is taking a risk. Many (including me) feel that they should be opening in more dense markets and with smaller stores.

Lidl in Atlanta PDF Report, Bill Read

Download Bill Read’s report to learn more.

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