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Who is Filling Toys R Us locations

Bill Read's Toys R Us report, July 2019

Bill Read shares who is backfilling the Toys “R” Us locations.

Of the 791 Toys R Us spaces marketed for Sale, Lease or Redevelopment, who has been the most active in backfilling these spaces?

Furniture Stores (57) and Discount Stores (48) remain at the top of the list.

Key Takeaways

  • 46 Different users have surfaced as taking former Toys R Us stores (according to either court records, news articles or other sources).
  • Grocery stores have only acquired six units and include Aldi (2), Giant Eagle, Trader Joes, Farmers Fresh market and Supermercado.
  • Target has taken one store and Burlington Stores has taken 11 that are traceable, but reports indicate the number is much higher.
  • REI has taken two of the units but no other Sporting Goods retailer has emerged as taking any of these boxes.
  • Few of the stores appear to be subdivided to accommodate smaller junior anchor stores. This is somewhat surprising.
  • Many of the former units are carving out future out lots to increase the value of the parcel.
  • Based on our tracking, 184 spaces have been acquired by identifiable stores, 14 units have sales pending, 16 spaces have leases pending and 18 have been leased but no disclosures on who is taking the space.
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