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BBJ article on how to attract young professionals

Yoga pants and ping pong: How to attract young professionals to Birmingham

By Stephanie Rebman  – Managing Editor
June, 2019

It’s not uncommon to see employees at Milo’s Tea Co. walking around in yoga pants and T-shirts at the office after attending a workout class.

At Brownell Travel, employees might be scoping out an exotic island as a job perk … on location.

Retail Strategies/Retail Specialists employees enjoy beer on tap, pool tables and company lake retreats.

Whether it is free snacks in the breakroom or an after-hours sports league, Birmingham companies are getting creative in order to attract the next generation of employees. 

The Birmingham Business Journal’s data collected during the Best Places to Work survey process determined which metro companies ranked as the best workplaces for young professionals in the area. 

The survey certainly revealed some common threads, such as perks like flex time, wellness programs and telecommuting.

But it also showed, in many cases, perks can only go so far in attracting young professionals or any other generation. It comes down to culture, and there are certainly some factors under that umbrella that prove vital in attracting and retaining young talent.

“Birmingham has improved so much in the last few years, and as a result, it’s a super attractive location for a young professional to grow a career,” she said.

“We’re seeing more students from local colleges and universities choose Birmingham after graduation. We’re seeing new graduates in Venture for America choose Birmingham and stay here. This city gets better and better every day, and we’re committed to giving young talent the mentorships and opportunities they are so hungry for.” 

Named as one of Birmingham’s “Best Places to Work” for five years.

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